How to eFoil (Electric Hydrofoil)

Learning to ride on a Fliteboard is easy and no past experience is necessary

The foil is like a small airplane flying through water instead of air. Because water is about 800 times more dense than air, the size of the wings is enough to lift the board and rider out of the water at only about 12-15 km/h.

  • On the water – spend time lying on the board, getting used to the controls and aquaplaning, so you can get up onto your knees.

  • First foil flight – once you’re confident picking up speed, you’ll make your first short ‘flite’, then gradually increase the amount of time you're foiling (a.k.a flying).

  • Foiling – when you have the basics of foiling straight, you’ll be able to shift your balance and turn the board.

We'll go through each step at your pace. You’ll quickly learn how fun and unique it is!

I have two foils with two different types of boards – an inflatable, more forgiving learner board and a more advanced carbon fibre board.

Step by Step Video